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Discover Italy at a slow pace with our soft adventure line or
as a Pilgrim along an historical route
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...Safe: we chose quiet dirt roads or trails and supply very reliable ...route-notes and maps and we are just one phone call away.

...Confortable: we are very carefull when selecting our accommo-dations choosing charm and personal over luxury; the discovering of great Italian food and wines is also part of the fun

....Discovery oriented: you walk 8 to 12 miles a day so you have the time to visit the "musts", but also,at a turn of your trail,s you will
be able to discover the hidden church or the time forgotten hamlet on a hilltop.


.....Affordable: as you talk directly with us, you get the best value for your money!




E-mail: info@viadelsole.it - Contacts in Italy : 393482543906/07/08