We are a small company

We are a small company which, under different names exists since 1992 and our specialty are active vacations in Italy. We started small, at a time when there were very few Italian companies that organised cycling and hiking tours nation-wide. Experience and hard work have enlarged our horizon and improved immensely the quality of our programs and of our services. We are proud to now be able to place ourselves among the best in the field.


There are only 5 of us

My name is Giuliana

.. and I have been there from the very beginning.I have actually created the company when I came back to live in Italy 20 years ago. I spent most of my life abroad, mainly Switzerland and France, with a short (2 years) period in the States many years ago, when I was still a student. My life abroad has proven useful in allowing me a better understanding of the way of thinking and of the needs and uses of our foreign custumers.
However, since I came back in 1992, I have rediscovered my own country, designing tours, imagining new destinations and finding the best possible accommodations for my clients. Cristina, Beppe and finally Niccolò and Michele have joined me since and together we form a very good team as we all have complementary skills, but we all share the same attitude of friendly welcome towards our custumers.

I am Cristina

My father was Italian, but my mother is from Uruguay; I have therefore spent part of my life in Montevideo, a few years in New York and many in Rome, before buying an old stone farmhouse in the countryside near Perugia. I share it with my sister family, my mother and my daughter. Recently we turned part of it into a cosy b&b where we organize cooking classes. For a period of my life I and Alfonsa owned a restaurant which was very successful and deserved a mention in the "Gambero Rosso" the bible of gourmet experts in Italy. I have been working with ViadelSole for almost 20 years now. Although we are very flexible and can replace each other easily, I specifically take care of the accounting, and of the pricing.


My name is Beppe

I am responsible for operations. I, with Giuliana, design the new tours, scout for new itineraries, write the roadbooks. I also take care of the bicycles, book the hotels and arrange for your luggage to be transfered to your next hotel. Most of the time I will be the one to meet costumers before they start the tours and it is me they call when they have a problem! Not that I can solve all of them, but I do my best. The fact that plenty of them come back is a good proof that I do not do my job too badly!

My name is Niccolò

I have been the last to join the company, and it is only my second year with Viadelsole. I live in southern Tuscany which is practical as thisis where most of our clients want to come.I am not a specialist, but my several skils may prove useful to the company. Iwould like to improve our presencd on the internet and I have designed our new web site, the " .com". I am also very interested in wine and hope to develop a new line of tours on the subject which would widen the field of activity of the company. I am the youngest and I hope to bring new energies to the team.

My name is Michele

I have been with Viadelsole now for several years and I feel more and more part of the company. I work well in a small team as I am very flexible and adapt to different tasks from transfering luggage to escorting groups. I like dealing with our customers who, comming from different parts of the world allow me to improve my language skills both in English and Spanish.




E-mail: info@viadelsole.it - Contacts in Italy : +393482543906/07/08