A Bright New Idea:

Self-guided Groups

They are ment for people who, although they do not like large groups and tight schedules,
prefer the safety and the confort provided by a support van and are happy to share the help and
information that an experienced driver, who knows the itinerary and the country very well, can supply.

- We supply:

Accommodations + roadbooks + maps + support vehicle+
english-speaking driver + cell-phone


Want to be indipendent?

- We give you a detailed roadbook and maps like in a self-guided tour. You are therefore able to bike on your own, at your own pace, but because there are other participants, you may also find road companions.

Want to get up at sunrise?
Want to start at noon?

You are free to do as you please


Want to be safe?

- We supply a support vehicle with an english speaking driver and a cell-phone. He will be at your disposal in case of problems.

Abad knee? lost or tired?
Just call, the van will come!

Chose your itinerary

These tours are run on demand:
if you are a group of friends, or a travel agent we can customise
one of our itineraries starting any date you like.

Soft Adventure
hiking tours

The heart of Umbria

Walking the Tuscan hills

Cilento and Amalfi coast


Mountain tours

Sea and Fire

Hiking the dolomites

The Appennino Mountains

Piedmont hike&wines
Ask for detailed programs