The whole of Sicily :

Away from the beaten path
From Greek temples to Baroque churches

Bike tours in Sicily

From Segesta
to Selinunte
The Greeks established prosperous colonies all along the Sicily coasts. Now beautiful remains are the witness of their presence. We follow their steps as our tour starts in Segesta then follow the coast to Selinunte.



Hidden art treasures
Artistic treasures are often to be searched for. We continue our tour visiting Erice, a town inhabited since the earliest ages and we take a side trip marvelling at the golden mosaics of the Monreale Duomo.


Sea and more.....
Sheer cliffs dropping into a sea as clear as cristal, white sand coves or black volcanic beaches. From north (the Zingaro park)
to the southern tip (Capo Passero) we visit some of the nicest beaches of Sicily
The sea here has always been part of every day life and you will also be able to see ancient
"Tonnaras" (fisheries) or "Saline" with the white heaps of salt.

We spend a few days in the very heart of the island

A time forgotten land

We now enter the central part of the island. This is the secret core of Sicily, the Mafia craddle; villages, such as Corleone, that movies like the Godfather, have made famous


A Baroque dream

Southwestern Sicily
is the land of Baroque art.
Churches with ornate facades, majestic cathedrals, imposing palaces: an orgy of marble columns, classical statues and basreliefs

Anapo valley prehistoric remains

And Siracusa greek theatre to end our trip

..and of course Sicily is known for its great food!

Some of our accomodations

Accomodations in Sicily are not easy to find outside large centers or tourist resort. Some of the accomodations will therefore be very simple especially in the interior of the island. Wherever it has been possible we have tried to compensate by offering the best. You will therefore find a somewhat uneven level during this tour.

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