Self-guided hiking itineraries
Self guided tours are meant for independent travellers.
People who are in for a little adventure, but can use some support

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the Pilgrims' route
to Rome!

Via Francigena now available as a self guided
8 weeks from
San Bernardo pass to Rome

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Why Self guided?
Self-guided tours give you freedom and comfort,
flexibility and organization!

La Via Francigena
Soft Adventure
walking tours
They allow flexibility:

- Chose your own departure dates.
- Start any day of the week.
- Go at your own pace.
- Stop whenever you feel like it .

While offering security

- Comfortable Inns are booked for you
- Delicious meals are waiting
- Your luggage is delivered at your hotel
- Reliable route notes are suppied
- An emergency number will secure continuous assistance

You should know that

We supply assistance and support but, although there is an emergency number for any major problem, small problems such as a flat tire or a strong rain, should be solved by the clients.

One of our assistants will meet you upon arrival to explain the tour and supply the informative package.

Then you will be hiking on your own, with a set of very reliable road instructions and maps.
However, we will be only a phone call away.

Arrival in Rome Sea and Fire  




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